Guide on Using the MOVEIT Software (RVIZ)

Modified on Tue, 17 Aug 2021 at 11:22 AM

This is a guide on how to navigate the MOVEIT Software (RVIZ) to get the COBOTTA to move positions. The guide will allow the user to be able to move the COBOTTA from one position to another, it will be up to the user to further advance on how to fully control the COBOTTA using the software. If the user wants to interact with the COBOTTA in another way, go back to the What's Next document.

The link provided goes into more details on how to operate the software: MoveIt Quickstart in RVIZ 

There are three different ways to launch the MOVEIT Software with the COBOTTA. The following commands entered into the terminal specify which gripper type is being used for launch:

Launch the software with the Electric Gripper:

$ roslaunch denso_cobotta_bringup denso_cobotta_bringup.launch
$ roslaunch denso_cobotta_bringup denso_cobotta_bringup.launch gripper_type:=parallel

Launch the software with the Vacuum Gripper:

$ roslaunch denso_cobotta_bringup denso_cobotta_bringup.launch gripper_type:=vacuum

Step 1:

To launch the software, open a new terminal and enter the following (this document will be based on using the Electric Gripper):
$ source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
$ roslaunch denso_cobotta_bringup 

If the catkin_ws folder is located in another directory, then the code above needs to be ran through that directory. Enter the following into the terminal before running the 'source' command line:

$ cd <directory>

Step 2:

When the software is done loading and is up and running, explore the different operations that the software offers.

To get a breakdown of the different functions, windows, and operations of the software, go to Moveit Quickstart in RVIZ 

Step 3:

Under the joints tab, move the blue boxes to move the 6 joints separately.
To move the gripper, go to the Planning Tab to switch the arm to the gripper. Then go back to the Joints Tab to move the gripper using the blue boxes.

Step 4:

Using the 3D COBOTTA Interface Window, move the colored arrows to move the robot in the XYZ direction and move the colored rings to rotate the robot.

The XYZ direction depends on the position of the gripper. If the gripper changes rotation/direction, so does the XYZ direction.

Step 5:

Once the position of the COBOTTA has been changed, enter the Status Tab to see that the Goal State has been updated.
Step 6:

To get the COBOTTA to move, enter the Planning Tab and click on Plan and Execute to have the virtual COBOTTA show the path taken and the physical COBOTTA carry out the action.

Step 7:

Exit out of the software by either clicking on the Red 'X' on the top right corner or go into the terminal where the software was launched and press 'CTRL + C' to both exit out the software and continue to use the same terminal.

This concludes on using the MOVEIT Software to move the COBOTTA. Go to the What's Next document to see other options for interacting with the COBOTTA.


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