Installing Ubuntu

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Read the Disclaimer in the Introduction.

Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

The following steps are used to install Ubuntu into the COBOTTA. If a bootable USB has not been created to install Ubuntu, go back to the Creating a Bootable USB document. If Ubuntu is already installed, move onto the Installing ROS Melodic document.

The following link contains how to install Ubuntu: Install Ubuntu - Desktop 

Steps 1 through 17 also explain how to install Ubuntu.

Since the COBOTTA only has 2 USB ports , it is best to use a USB Hub. If  user wishes not to use a USB Hub, it is best to use one of the ports for the Bootable USB and the other port for the USB Wired Mouse. Without a USB Hub, switching between the USB Wired Mouse and Keyboard will be needed to complete the following procedures.

Step 1:

Make sure the COBOTTA is shutdown completely. The LED should be off indicating the COBOTTA is off.
Step 2:

Insert the Bootable USB stick into one of the two USB ports and the USB Wired Mouse in the other port located on the back of the COBOTTA controller.
Step 3:

Turn on the COBOTTA to begin installing Ubuntu. The LED will display a green color indicating that the COBOTTA is on.


Step 4:

The GRUB will first display for a few seconds on the Monitor. Wait for the GRUB to auto-select Try Ubuntu Without Installing which allows the user to use Ubuntu without installing the OS.

Step 5: (Use Mouse)

Wait for the Ubuntu loading screen to finish. When finished, double-click on the Install Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS icon shown on the Desktop.

Step 6: (Use Mouse)

Click on the preferred language to use in Ubuntu, then click Continue.

If a USB Hub is used with the Wired Keyboard plugged in, another section will appear to configure the Keyboard's language preference. Click on the preferred language to use with the keyboard.

Step 7: (Use Mouse)

Under the What Apps Would You Like to Start With section, select Normal Installation. Under the Other Options section, have both boxes checked and then click Continue.

Step 8: (Use Mouse)

It is recommended to select Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu for the installation type. This type of installation will only have the Ubuntu OS installed into the C-fast. Then click Continue.

Step 9: (Use Mouse or Keyboard) 

For location, manually click on the location using the map (Use Mouse) or enter in the line the location of the robot (Use Keyboard), then click Continue.
Step 10: (Use Keyboard)

Fill out the following required information for the user login, then click Continue.

Step 11:

Wait for the installation to be completed.

Step 12: 

Once installation is complete, select Restart Now to restart Ubuntu.

Step 13:

The GRUB will appear again, do not make any selection, wait for the GRUB to auto-select the first option.

Step 14: 

When Ubuntu is loaded back in, the user will be set to the default "ubuntu" user. Turn off the robot by clicking on the power Icon on the top right of the screen and click Turn OFF. Wait for the LED to turn OFF to turn OFF the COBOTTA using the power switch (This is a Complete Shutdown of the COBOTTA). Take out the Bootable USB stick. Wait 30 seconds to turn ON the COBOTTA using the power switch.

Step 15: 

Log into the created ubuntu user. Once logged into the Ubuntu as the created user open a new terminal.

Note: An easy way to open a new terminal is to press 'CTRL + ALT + T'

Step 16: 

Enter the following into the terminal to view the Kernel version that was installed:
$ uname -r


$ uname -a

Step 17: 

Enter the following into the terminal to view the Ubuntu OS version that was installed:
$ cat /etc/os-release

This concludes on Installing Ubuntu into the COBOTTA. Proceed onto the Installing ROS Melodic document.


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