Virtual Teaching Pendant

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Virtual TP for RC8/A allows you to get access to a full sized pendant functionality on your PC. The virtual pendant has different accessibility depending on which controller you are using, what is connected to the controller, as well as which mode it is currently set in. You can refer to the chart below to determine what access is available.


*1 If the Dead-man switch is pressed, this will be “Display only” state.

*2 If you operate both a Mini-pendant and VirtualTP, the following message 

may be displayed.

*3 If RC8 is less than Ver.2.1.0, this will be "Display Only" state. 

Note ··············································································································· 

- If the operation state of the VirtualTP is in "Full Operation" during AUTO mode, speed and variables becomes editable. Please be careful not to cause any damage to operators and other devices if you change these settings. 

- It might have an effect on cycle time to connect Virtual TP when the robot is in motion. 


You can refer to the following link to set up your executable token.


Virtual TP is compatible with Cobotta firmware versions 2.4.0 or later. As the Cobotta does not have a hardware teaching pendant, you can use Virtual TP as the pendant itself. This allows Virtual TP to have full control for Cobotta. This also includes MANUAL operation of the robot. Here is a view of Virtual TP when connected to the Cobotta.

A : Tool bar 

For each tool’s function, see "3.2 Tool bar". 

B : Operation panel (Left) 

For each button’s function, see "3.3 Operation panel (Left)". 

C : Main view 

You can use buttons on this area by clicking with a mouse. 

D : Operation panel (Right) 

For each button’s function, see "3.4 Operation panel (Right)". 

E : Status bar 

Display note, connection



Virtual TP for RC7M is available for RC7M firmware version 2.62 or later. This version is similar to the RC8/A. 

*1 For safety reasons, Virtual TP operations are restricted on several screens. On the restricted screen, the following icon    is displayed, and only “CANCEL” and “STOP” buttons are accepted. Press “CANCEL” button to return to the previous screen.

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