Panel Screens – Troubleshooting

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Here are some common issues that may arise during the usage of Panel Screens.

Possible scenario

Operation panel main page is not found

If you encounter this error, it means two possible things: 

  • You have no panel file (*.pns) in your current project.  In WinCAPS III, you’ll need to add a program, and select the *.pns file and create a panel screen file via Panel Designer
  • This message can also mean that you do have a panel file in your project, however there is not a panel screen labeled “Main.pns”.  This Panel shortcut on the teach pendant main screen exclusively looks for a *.pns file named Main.  You can have other panel screens with other names, but there must be one file named Main.pns that this shortcut will link to.  From the Main.pns screen, you can use the pagechange command to navigate to other panel screens.

Panel Task is in the Stop State

If you encounter this error, then there has been a robot error that has caused the Panel Screen task to end.  When this occurs you will see the display message at the bottom of the screen saying “Panel Task is in the Stop-state.”  This can occur during a break in the safety circuit (Emergency Stop, Protective Stop, Auto-Enable), or an error that occurred in the program or panel screen code.  


The resolution to this is to cancel out to the main teach pendant screen (shown above), and simply wait for the message to go away after a few seconds.  Once the message disappears, you may re-enter the panel screen (F5) and continue as before.

Panel Designer Saving

When you’re finished your panel screen, or you’ve made a change, be sure to save your panel in the Panel Designer software first, before doing a syntax check in WinCAPS, or before sending it to the robot controller.  If you fail to do this, the changes you’ve made will not propagate to your WinCAPS project, and then not get sent to the controller.

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