The encoder built in the servomotor stores position data. To prevent the position data from being lost, the encoder backup batteries supply power to the encoder memory.
Periodically replace the encoder backup batteries that are loaded in the robot unit.

This procedure applies to the following robot types: VS-6556, VS6577

Tools and Parts needed

  • Philips-Head screwdriver (Standard type) or Allen (hex) key (Dust-proof & splash-proof type)
  • Encoder backup battery for VS series robots. 
    • 410611-0070 – Encoder backup battery (3set)
If you are not sure which part number you need or the Robot Arm you own please stop and contact your DENSO Robotics sales representative.   

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Prepare a new set of 3 backup batteries for replacement. 

Step 2

Turn the controller power OFF. 

Step 3

Remove the cover from the robot unit. 

Step 4

Remove the dummy connector cap from the battery board. 

Step 5

Connect a new battery (1st one) to the pin from which you have disconnected the dummy connector cap in Step 4.

Do not disconnect old backup batteries before connecting a new one to  the pin from which the dummy connector cap is removed. If you do so, the  encoder positional data may be lost. 

Step 6

Disconnect the old backup battery that is right next to the new battery  connected in Step 5, and then connect a new battery (2nd one). 

Step 7

Disconnect the old backup battery that is right next to the new battery  connected in Step 6, and then connect a new battery (3rd one) 

Be sure to replace all of three batteries with new ones at one time. Otherwise, the battery service life will become short. 

Step 8

Remove the last old battery and connect the dummy connector cap disconnected in Step 4

Step 9

Install the cover to the robot unit. 

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