Error: Command speed limit error

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Generated command value exceeded the speed limit. All joints were Emergency-stopped and motor power was turned OFF. On CP-motion or Pass-motion, the speed of each joint might change  rapidly, so as to realize the target motion and pose of TCP.

Related Error codes:
84204061,  84204062, 84204063, 84204064, 84204065,  84204066, 84204067, 84204068


Double check your optimization settings after sending the project data. It is likely you may have reverted them to the default values.

This optimization can be setting via teach pendant or Wincaps III

Method #1: Setting the speed optimization from the teach pendant.

The controller must be in MANUAL mode to change the parameter.

From the top screen on the teaching pendant, press the Arm button

Press the “Aux” button
Press the “Config” button
Confirm the correct settings are input for the Payload and CoG offsets are correct to your application
Scroll down to Config Parameter #8 and press “Edit”

Reference below for a description of each of the different modes. Once you have determined what setting you need, select it and press “OK” and then “OK” again.

Optimal Speed Control Function

Method #2: Setting the Speed optimization setting using Wincaps III

Open your current project file
(Fresh upload is best)
Select “Project” from the top menu and then select “parameter…”

Select your desired mode and click “OK”

Download the parameters to your Controller

Optimal Speed Control Function (Owner's Manual)

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